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This web site contains information on choosing an expert witness and the technical issues of fiber optic lawsuits. The purpose of this information is to simplify an attorney¬πs evaluation of the technical support that Pearson Technologies Inc. can offer. This information is of four types:

{C}√ò    {C}Understanding of the technical position that will support the legal position

{C}√ò    Evaluating the challenges the opposition may make to the experience and knowledge of the technical expert

{C}√ò    Evaluating the benefits of all expenditures

{C}√ò    Types of lawsuit experience

{C}√ò    {C}Comments from clients

We add material to this site at least every other week. To stay current, you should bookmark this site and visit it frequently.


As you read the information herein, you will appreciate the talents, knowledge and skills of Pearson Technologies Inc. With this appreciation, you will contact Pearson Technologies Inc. when your firm or your company decides to proceed with a lawsuit.

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Technical statements support Legal position

All Pearson Technologies legal work starts with this question: what is the strongest technical statement you would like Pearson Technologies Inc. to make? We do not guarantee to make this statement. However, with an understanding of the attorney¬πs perception of the technical goal, we can assess how well the technical aspects of the case support the legal position. If the technical aspects adequately support the legal position, and you can visit  seo houston tx. Pearson Technologies Inc. can support the legal position. Otherwise, Pearson Technologies must decline the business opportunity.

Challenges From Opposition

We expect that the opposition will challenge our position as an ≈íexpert¬π. Prior to being retained, we consider the strengths and weaknesses of our knowledge, experience, and understanding of the relevant technical issues. If we have significant strengths, Pearson Technologies will agree to provide support. (In one case, the opposition acknowledged our expert position and indicated no intention to present such a challenge.) You can visit miami seo expert.

If there is an aspect of our knowledge, experience, and understanding that can be perceived or portrayed as a significant weakness, Pearson Technologies will identify this aspect for discussion. In initial discussions with one potential client, we identified such an aspect, only to have the potential client agree and decide to seek technical support from a different source. In this case, we believed that we could provide some support for the legal position. While we regret losing business, it is in both our best interests to proceed in a manner that maximizes the probability of victory. For more see at wayback machin.

In most of our lawsuit consulting, we have the strengths to provide technical support. In some, we have identified an aspect that the opposition might perceive or portray as a Œweakness¹. In such cases, we formulate a neutralizing response to such a challenge.

Benefits Of Expenditures

Prior to undertaking any action to develop support for a legal position, we predict the possible outcomes. We determine the level of support that all such outcomes will provide. When the outcomes do not provide significant support, we recommend against such action. While we appreciate increased income, such expense must provide a benefit to the client. In addition, this benefit must be proportional to the expense. In previous cases, we have recommended against activities that would have increased our income but provided a disproportionate benefit to the case.

TYpes Of Lawsuit Experience

We have the following experience, with lawsuit type, the side we represented, and outcome:

{C}√º     Product liability, product failure after installation, plaintiff, case won

{C}√º     Installer liability, failure of product during installation, defendant, case settled out of court

{C}√º     Patent infringement, defendant, case settled out of court

{C}√º     Patent infringement, plaintiff, case settled out of court

{C}√º     Damage assessment for insurance purpose

{C}√º     Damage assessment for liability, plaintiff, case dropped

{C}√º     Product liability, product failure after installation, plaintiff, case dropped, time limit expired

Our knowledge, understanding, and experience enable our support in the following areas:

{C}1.     Optical fiber, properties and manufacture

{C}2.     Optical cable, properties and manufacture

{C}3.     Optical connectors, properties and installation

{C}4.     Cable routing hardware

{C}5.     Installation

{C}6.     Network and system design

{C}7.     Testing

{C}8.     Reliability

Comments From Clients

"Mr. Pearson's understanding of fiber optics technology and processes, from cable production to operation of the communications system was an important part of litigation preparations. A great deal of effort and expense was saved by being able to identify the real issues while disregarding dead-end leads. Mr. Pearson was able to educate and guide counsel through technical subject matter under unique circumstances." Attorney client [name withheld by request]. Or just visit the book of mormon tickets atlanta.

³Eric Pearson served as an expert in a caseŠ Mr. Pearson was one of the very best experts I ever worked with. His response time was extraordinary. Not only did he have an obvious sophisticated understanding of the technical issues involved with fiber optic networks, but he was also able to communicate his understanding of the facts and his opinions in a way that a layperson could easily understand. During his deposition, Mr. Pearson listened carefully to the questions being asked by opposing counsel and gave thoughtful, concise responses.

I found Mr. Pearson¹s time and fees to be very reasonable, and he understood the economic ramifications of his work and billing to my client. Finally, I would add that Mr. Pearson¹s opinions remained consistent throughout the litigation, a predictability that is a true asset with an expert. I would strongly recommend Mr. Pearson as an expert.² Attorney client [name supplied upon request]

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